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[BDS Academy] Clinical Skills Center Course Development Teacher Training Course

With the rapid development of clinical skills training centers in medical institutions at all levels in my country, the important role of simulated medical training in medical education has become increasingly apparent. However, many clinical skill centers have the problems of complete hardware equipment and poor quality courses, which is not conducive to the development of medical students and residents. In order to make full use of the clinical skills center and train key clinical teachers relying on the skills center to develop standardized and effective training courses, this training class is specially held.
  • 09-28

    [BDS Academy] 2020 6th Ningbo City Ultrasound Medical Skills Competition

    The 6th Ningbo City Ultrasound Medical Skills Competition held by the Ningbo Medical Quality Control Center on September 24, 2020 was successfully concluded. This competition is provided by Bader College with technical and equipment support services throughout.
  • 10-26

    [BDS Academy] Beijing Friendship Hospital-Bade College's first Da Vinci online training course ended successfully

    On the morning of October 24, 2020, the Da Vinci simulator online training course hosted by Beijing Friendship Hospital and supported by Bader College opened successfully. This training course takes the form of online teaching, and Bader College is this training course Provided full technical support and maintenance of equipment basics and online training, which ensured the successful implementation of this Da Vinci online training class.
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